MINA, an inner journey to light

26 October 2015

Autumn has arrived and also our new collection: MINA. A collection created from the idea that an inner journey is like stepping into a mine. Darkness will surround us, but sooner or later we shall see the light.

Nature knows how to reward those who are brave, those who dare to cross the line between the shiny day and the dark night. And the reward is of an exquisite beauty: stones with fascinating shapes and colours. Cold as dew and soft as skin. Magic stones, opaque or translucent, that emerge from inside the earth and heal the soul. We set out to a long journey into our own mine. We are back with shoes full of light and energy.

After having launched six collections, Kupuri continues to mature. Its designs remain sober and timeless, but with a more contemporary and edgy vision. Mina, the autumn-winter 2015/16’s collection, inspired by the mineral beauty, is the best example of this evolution. Shoes, boots and ankle-boots stylize their forms opting once again for first quality materials. The Italian leathers contribute with an interesting choice of textures that are combined, in some models, with ornaments made of rabbit skin. Wool is also incorporated for some liners. The soles – made of regenerated wood or crepe – have been carefully worked by the skilful hands of qualified craftsmen. The colour palette could not be more suggestive: stone, gold, olive, navy, mustard, tobacco, petrol blue … Kupuri evolves, yet its connection with the purest nature and with its inner soul remains intact.

And now, time to enjoy our MINA collection. You can see all the models here: www.kupuri-shoes.com