23 February 2016

“Brush Stroke” is a tribute to the meticulous work behind an artwork. The blank canvas, the freshly wetted paintbrush, an old smudged wooden paddle, the inebriating oil paints, the preparatory sketches… This is the inspirational source for this collection, with an intense combination of colours and textures and even scents. Brushstroke is fresh, dreamy, with a free spirit and an artist soul. It is full of unexpected brushstrokes, as all Kupuri collections.


In Brushstroke SS16 materials such as split leather, nappa, kip and metallised buff leather have been used in a quite varied colour palette that plays with contrasts, red, lemon, ice, nude, navy… The big news is the skins with stamped paint stains, emulating the dripping technique of the great Jackson Pollock. The design maintains a vanguardist style as in previous Kupuri’s collections: wooden soles, jagged welts in leather, aloft seams, squared fronts, protruding heels… Classic lines coexist with more trendy ones, hence sober shoes with masculine-cut live together with alluring platform sandals.  Highly feminine details such as braided leather, spaghetti strap front or leg-fitting cotton strips evoking the traditional espadrilles are not missing. “Brush Stroke” is an unexpected stroke, sometimes softer, sometimes harder, but always indelible.